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Surfing in Panama

Beach Break

A short distance from our villa sits an idyllic beach break with left and right peaks for surfers of all levels. The beach break is the site of our surf lessons for beginners and intermediates. Experienced surfers will enjoy the punchy peaks further down the beach.

La Punta – Santa Catalina

La Punta – Santa Catalina is widely considered one of the best waves in Panama, if not all of Central America. Santa Catalina serves as the most consistent wave in the region, comparable to Trestles performance wave with plenty of power. This break is known for its long powerful rights barreling across the reef while offering shorter fun lefts off the main peak.

Punta Brava

Southeast of our beach break, half an hour by foot, or 10 minutes by boat, sits a system of diverse breaks, fit for most levels. The main peak is a powerful, consistent right break over a rock reef bottom. Alternate breaks are similar but less powerful with one right and one left.

Punta Roca

Just over half an hour walking, or a 10-minute boat away, lies Punta Roca, a racing left-hand point over a rock reef.

La Playita

A 20-minute boat ride from our resort in Santa Catalina will take you to this powerful beach break with left and right peaks.

Ultimate Boat Trip Features 
(also available a la carte)

-Ultimate Boat Trip Features (also available a la carte)

Playa Morillo

Panama’s version of the Boom Nicaragua, a heavy, hollow beach break that work best when small to medium swell.

Morro Negrito

This left hand, island point break produces a dreamlike wave that can hold serious size.


This epic, outer Island left-hand point is renowned in the area for its ability to hold swell of up to triple overhead.

Playa Reina

A softer, playful A-frame that can handle small to large size waves, while maintaining its user-friendly nature.

Undisclosed distant boat trips

An uncrowded beach break that offers thrilling rides and plenty of peaks. Other distant epic points / reefs. Here we will not name or photograph the spots in an effort to keep them safe, uncrowded and respect the locals