Discover Panama

A tropical escape

We love yoga and surf but we are equally passionate about the thrill of travel. Our first trip to Coiba honestly blew our minds. Island hopping at Coiba is now a healthy addiction. Clear water views with hiking, diving, and snorkeling oh my. Living nearby is a true gift. A gift we can share with you.

Coiba Island

From the resort it’s an hour-long boat ride along Panama’s wild, northern coast to bring you to Isla Coiba National Park, a protected nature reserve, world-renowned dive site, and wildlife sanctuary recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. The boat ride to Isla Coiba alone is an adventure, where dolphin and whale sightings are a common occurrence along some of Central America’s untouched coastline. 

Isla Coiba’s turquoise waters are teeming with an abundance of marine life, making the island a divers and snorkelers paradise. The white sand beaches are akin to those thought only to exist in the Caribbean, Maldives, and South Pacific. Swimming with peaceful whale sharks is a dream that can become a reality here. 

Its like jurassic park but the dinosaurs are cute turtles swimming next to you in cristal clear waters.

Stand Up Paddle Estuary Tour

Paddle through dense mangrove forests along the estuary where you’ll experience Panama’s rich biodiversity. The water opens up to an expansive estuary, several miles wide, where paddlers will have views of distant mountain peaks as they travel upriver.

Horseback Riding Tour

Travel on horseback along the largest beach in the area until you reach the estuary.

Full-Day to Santa Fe Waterfall Trek

A distant full-day tour to the enchanting Santa Fe National Park, where you will find trails leading through pristine wilderness to tropical waterfall pools. The drive takes guests inland, where they will enjoy a cooler climate amongst Panama’s mountainous cloud forests. The area is known for its coffee production.

Cebaco Island Tour (snorkeling)

Through the expansive estuary and several miles off the coasts sits another pristine Panamanian Island, perfect for snorkeling. The boat trip to Cebaco is shorter than that to Coiba, so it’s an ideal destination for guests who would like a second snorkel trip.

Boquette full day trip

Panama’s most charming mountain town that is adjacent to the country’s largest volcano. Boquette is known for its production of some of the world’s most luxurious coffee. The mountain town is renowned for its trekking, coffee tours, and waterfall adventure opportunities.